[SR-Users] invalid sendtoparameters

Linux Vince linuxv at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 13:32:00 CEST 2016

I am getting this error on every outgoing request.

Below are log entries i found

Sep 27 22:09:06 centos1 /usr/sbin/kamailio[22421]: ERROR: <core>
[udp_server.c:550]: udp_send(): sendto(sock,0x7fb76f5da5e0,1568,0,,16): Invalid argument(22)
Sep 27 22:09:06 centos1 /usr/sbin/kamailio[22421]: CRITICAL: <core>
[udp_server.c:555]: udp_send(): invalid sendtoparameters#012one possible
reason is the server is bound to localhost and#012attempts to send to the
Sep 27 22:09:06 centos1 /usr/sbin/kamailio[22421]: ERROR: <core>
[forward.h:201]: msg_send_buffer(): udp_send failed

SNDTO values are


I have confirmed the PID and it is bound to my public IP

22417   main process - attendant
22418   udp receiver child=0 sock=
22419   udp receiver child=1 sock=
22420   udp receiver child=2 sock=
22421   udp receiver child=3 sock=
22422   udp receiver child=4 sock=
22423   udp receiver child=5 sock=
22424   udp receiver child=6 sock=
22425   udp receiver child=7 sock=
22426   udp receiver child=0 sock=
22427   udp receiver child=1 sock=
22428   udp receiver child=2 sock=
22429   udp receiver child=3 sock=
22430   udp receiver child=4 sock=
22431   udp receiver child=5 sock=
22432   udp receiver child=6 sock=
22433   udp receiver child=7 sock=
22434   slow timer
22435   timer
22436   secondary timer
22437   ctl handler
22438   MI FIFO
22440   tcp receiver (generic) child=0
22441   tcp receiver (generic) child=1
22442   tcp receiver (generic) child=2
22443   tcp receiver (generic) child=3
22444   tcp receiver (generic) child=4
22445   tcp receiver (generic) child=5
22446   tcp receiver (generic) child=6
22447   tcp receiver (generic) child=7
22448   tcp main process

How do i identify the issue ?
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