[SR-Users] memory problem

Phil Lavin phil.lavin at cloudcall.com
Mon Sep 26 13:07:02 CEST 2016

This looks like package memory. Can you dump the fragments and send the output?

kamcmd pkg.stats

This will show you memory usage, for each Kamailio process.

kamcmd cfg.set_now_int core mem_dump_pkg PID
kamcmd cfg.set_now_int core mem_dump_pkg 1

This will dump the memory fragments to syslog. You’ll need to replace PID with the process ID of one of your affected Kamailio processes, as taken from the pkg.stats output.

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hi all
I have kamailio 4.2.0 on Debian Jessie
the parameters on startup of kamailio are :


the server is dedicated to the kamailio SIP service with authentication and accounting  on a separated db server

the server process about 30/50  call setups per second

everythings works good but after 5/6 days the processes lock and I received a lot of error log like these:
<core> [rvalue.c:1710]: rval_str_add2(): rv eval out of memory
<core> [msg_translator.c:362]: received_builder(): out of memory
<core> [msg_translator.c:2717]: via_builder(): out of memory
<core> [msg_translator.c:2423]: build_res_buf_from_sip_req(): out of memory; needs 514
 <core> [data_lump.c:172]: insert_new_lump_before(): out of memory
acc [acc_extra.c:267]: extra2strar(): extra2strar: out of memory.

after a kamailio reboot evrethings works again for 5/6 days.

what can I do to resolve?
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