[SR-Users] LCR routing, and finaly route to media gateway if not found

Loic Chabert chabert.loic.74 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 20:29:18 CEST 2016

In fact, kamailio is out from lcr at this point, no more gateway to try
(all gateways are down).
I just want to send call to a static server for playing sound.

To be more specific, if no gateways are not set on database, a sound must
be played.

Should i change $du and $ru to make it work ?

Le 23 sept. 2016 4:36 PM, "Juha Heinanen" <jh at tutpro.com> a écrit :

Loic Chabert writes:

> To accomplish this, i re-write the RURI: "sip:error1 at errorserver.local",
> and launch RELAY route. But kamailio dont make a DNS query to find IP of
> "errorserver.local", only change RURI and try to send to the last LCR
> gateway.
> I have also try to add a new branch, but same result... Why kamailio do
> make a new DNS query ?

check if both hostname and ip address are given for the gateway.  if so,
next_gw() also sets destination uri.

-- juha

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