[SR-Users] app_lua with lua5.3

Péter Barabás Peter.Barabas at minerva-soft.com
Thu Sep 8 20:42:10 CEST 2016


sorry for delay, I updated lua to 5.3 and luarocks also. I installed rocks which is based on lua 5.3. I tried to run lua script from Kamailio routing_logic, but it was not successful since app_lua module supports lua 5.1. I tried to re-compile app_lua module but with no success, needs some modifications. Finally, I used lua 5.1 and belonging rocks, it was the faster way.
So it is not an urgent task, but I think app_lua module needs some modifications to be compatible with lua 5.3.


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I don't remember if I tried with lua 5.3 -- anyhow, do you get any issue there or you just asked in advance?


On 01/09/16 17:59, Péter Barabás wrote:

I would use lua5.3 with app_lua module. Is it possible since it is not compiled with lua5.1?




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