[SR-Users] Query - REST API calls in async

Agalya RAMACHANDRAN agalya.job at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 16:14:57 CEST 2016

Hi team,

I am Agalya and I work for Comcast. We are trying to use kamailio as proxy
server for our project.
I have a query regarding the same. We are trying to use REST API calls
asynchronously from the config file.
I see that there is a module "http_async_client" which is used to handle
REST services asynchronously.

Found that libcurl is used to perform these operations.
My question is:

1) How much time kamailio is taking to send the HTTP request out after TCP
port is opened?
    Is there any time dependency we need to wait on libcurl to send HTTP
request out?
    B'coz in opensips I see a delay time and  libcurl is used in-turn.
    I found kamailio doing similar to opensips and hence am posting this

2) We can also use PUT service by using http_set_method(PUT)?
Should we add code to support PUT service?

Thanks in advance.

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