[SR-Users] Evapi module is not broadcasting any data

DanB danb.lists at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 15:19:02 CEST 2016

Have noticed this thread remaining without a follow up.

I can also confirm that in newer Kamailio the events are not longer sent 

Can I help in any way?



Hi Daniel,

sorry for not being clear.

I have all three evapi event routes in my config. When I telnet to port
8448, xlog shows that evapi:connection-new is exectued. When I send
6:efelin, to telnet, the evapi:message-received is executed. When I close
the telnet session, the evapi:connection-closed is executed. This works
just fine. However, when I execute evapi_async_relay or evapi_relay nothing
is sent to my telnet session or CGRateS application (This was also observed
by ngrep and tcpdump).

My configuration is default from CGRateS:
(kamailio.cfg and included kamailio-cgrates.cfg) with few xlogs for further
debuging +

modparam("evapi", "workers", 2)
modparam("evapi", "bind_addr", "")

I have just downloaded the fresh config in order to evade some typo, but
the problem persists.



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