[SR-Users] detect failed socket

Péter Barabás Peter.Barabas at minerva-soft.com
Thu Sep 1 17:57:13 CEST 2016

Thanks, but the problem, that there are situations when the socket seems not to be closed but the communication with the client cannot be possible. E.g. if the client is in airplane mode, Kamailio does not detect tcp lost, in the location table, the user exists with real connection_id, but I cannot call him or 
write a message.

I would be interested in if it is possible to detect such situations on Kamailio side when for example a message cannot be delivered because of such network conditions like airplane mode?


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> Is it possible to check the socket towards the receiver user at the 
> moment when the message arrives at Kamailio? I think if I would check 
> that if the socket is not fine, I could send the message to the msilo 
> directly and the client would not have wait for timeout to resend.


one solution would be to use the handle_lost_tcp parameter from usrloc so that the record will be removed from it if the connection is closed:



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