[SR-Users] Domain limits and domain.reload

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 12:45:24 CEST 2016


On 25/08/16 21:06, Bruno Emer wrote:
> Hello all.
> I am currently working in a company that built an online platform that
> allows companies talk to their customer using different medias, such
> as video, voice and chat. To this, we are using Kamailio to provide
> SIP services such as WebSockets, Registrar and proxy, and ir works
> really well.
> The point is that today we are creating a new domain for each company
> that uses our system, and for now we have more than 3k companies using
> it, so my first question is: is there a limit about how many domains
> we can create in a Kamailio environment? I tried to find this on the
> documentation but I haven't found anything.

I guess the best is to look in the source code and see if there are some
hardcoded limits in the domain module, but I expect that it uses a hash
table for storing the domains in memory and thus no hard limit for items.
> Second: every time that we create a new domain, we perform a
> domain.reload using the XMLRPC module. We are just using the python
> script to do this, but sometimes it is returning the error: Fault 400:
> 'Reload of domain tables failed' and we don't know why. The strange
> thing is that if we access the server and execute a 'kamctl domain
> reload' just after the error, everything works fine. The problem
> appears to be in the RPC module. So the question is: does someone
> knows what can be the cause of this problem?

If Kamailio is returning an error code on rpc, it is likely it has
written an error message in syslog. Can you check and see if there is
any in such moment? It will help to investigate what's the problem.


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