[SR-Users] transaction is not suspended ERROR

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 12:01:03 CEST 2016


On 04/10/16 13:57, david wrote:
> Hello all
> i'm having some errors sometimes and  i'm not able to know why they happen
> i made a lua configuration script where i create some ESL sockets with
> several freeswitches (10) (around 500-600 sockets in total, depending
> on the number os children (8) and listen ips we have (5)), and i use
> the lua script to send some API to the FSW by a function.
> No matter what the FSW replies.
> i dont know why, but i think that having that conn:bgapi($command) in
> the lua script, makes the issue to happen. theorically, the lua script
> waits to receive the response from the fsw through the tcp socket, and
> after that the script continues (with an async_sleep command), but
> after the API sent, i see (only sometimes, few times) an async_sleep
> seem to fail when doing the t_continue with the following error
> WARNING: tm [t_suspend.c:186]: t_continue(): transaction is not
> suspended [20748:225229907]
I think async_sleep() is doing t_continue() internally, are you doing it
also in the config file or the error comes from inside the c code of

What version of kamailio are you using?

Also, it's better to use async_route() instead of async_sleep().
> could it be posible that having manye ESL sockets opened in the
> kamailio server makes this to happen?
> how many async workers are needed? i have 8 right now
> is there a way where i can know or correlate the log to a $ci or
> something known?
To get $ci in almost all logs (those that are printed when a sip message
is processed), you can set the log_prefix core parameter:

   - https://www.kamailio.org/wiki/cookbooks/4.4.x/core#log_prefix


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