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You'll need to share your Kamailio config and some details of your network setup (specifically if NAT is involved).


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Hello everyone. I'm a student and I'm working on project which about SIP communication and PBXs with IP phones.

So, my first test results were OK with JITSI. But I think I need Freeswitch for working with IP phones. In a word, I need configure an integration Kamailio and Freeswitch.

First, I setup Debian 8.3 Jessie and installed Kamailio on this my local server, after that I installed another Debian 8.3 Jessie (from same image) as my second server and it was going to run Freeswitch on itself.
Then I tried to send my communication requests to my Freeswitch server. I made some tests, my Jitsi accounts which are set in Kamailio server were done. I've read Kamailio 3.2 and Freeswitch integration from the Kamailio wiki and I applied exactly the same thing but I did not work.
When I tried to reach another IP phone from my IP phone (I registered them) phone always say "NOT FOUND". I'm sure I did my configuration properly.

So, how can I figure it out these things? How can I understand, does Kamailio routes to Freeswitch to my phones?

Best regards.
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