[SR-Users] Kamailio IMS deployment

Franz Edler franz.edler at technikum-wien.at
Thu Jan 21 21:46:58 CET 2016



you can see the first error is a database error:

ERROR: db_mysql [km_my_con.c:124]: db_mysql_new_connection(): driver error: Can't connect to MySQL server on 'server.net1.test' (111)


This error I expected because you have to adapt the access permissions to the database.

Just check the GRANT statements in my log-file and try to understand what they do. Then adapt it accordingly.


BR Franz


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Hi Franz


we have tried with different interfaces(eth0(,eth1(,eth2(,eth3(  for P/I/S ,but facing below error.


root at server:/etc# kamailio -f /usr/local/etc/kamailio/kamailio-pcscf.cfg

loading modules under config path: /usr/local/lib64/kamailio/modules/

0(1630) INFO: <core> [sctp_core.c:75]: sctp_core_check_support(): SCTP API not enabled - if you want to use it, load sctp module

Listening on

             udp: pcscf.net1.test []:4060


             *: pcscf.net1.test:*


WARNING: no fork mode

0(1630) INFO: rr [../outbound/api.h:54]: ob_load_api(): Failed to import bind_ob

0(1630) INFO: rr [rr_mod.c:174]: mod_init(): outbound module not available

0(1630) INFO: ims_usrloc_pcscf [hslot.c:62]: ul_init_locks(): locks array size 512

0(1630) ERROR: db_mysql [km_my_con.c:124]: db_mysql_new_connection(): driver error: Can't connect to MySQL server on 'server.net1.test' (111)

0(1630) ERROR: <core> [db.c:318]: db_do_init2(): could not add connection to the pool 0(1630) ERROR: ims_usrloc_pcscf [usrloc_db.c:79]: init_db(): unable to connect to the database

0(1630) ERROR: ims_usrloc_pcscf [ul_mod.c:203]: mod_init(): Error initializing db connection

0(1630) ERROR: <core> [sr_module.c:962]: init_mod(): Error while initializing module ims_usrloc_pcscf (/usr/local/lib64/kamailio/modules/ims_usrloc_pcscf.so)

ERROR: error while initializing modules

0(1630) INFO: <core> [sctp_core.c:53]: sctp_core_destroy(): SCTP API not initialize


could you please help me how to proceed further,


steps followed:



1)Modified at - /etc/network/interfaces:


created eth1,eth2,eth3 for P/I/S-CSCF.


Interfaces are up.


2)Added Bind address at /etc/mysql/my.cnf








3)Modified at /etc/bind/net1.test.zone

$ORIGIN net1.test.


@                       1D IN SOA       serverkde. root.net1.test (

                                        2010081401   ; Serial YYYYMMDDXX

                                        3H           ; refresh

                                        15M          ; retry

                                        1W           ; expiry

                                        1D )         ; minimum


                        1D IN NS        server

server                                                                                                                   1D IN A

hss                     1D IN CNAME     server

as1                     1D IN CNAME     server

as2                     1D IN CNAME     server

xcap                    1D IN CNAME     server


server1                                                                                                                 1D IN A

pcscf                   1D IN CNAME     server1


server2                                                                                                                 1D IN A

icscf                   1D IN CNAME     server2


server3                                                                                                                 1D IN A

scscf                   1D IN CNAME     server3







4)Modified at /etc/bind/0.0.10.zone



$TTL    86400

@       IN      SOA     server. root.net2.test  (

                                      2010081401   ; Serial YYYYMMDDXX

                                      28800        ; Refresh

                                      14400        ; Retry

                                      3600000      ; Expire

                                      86400 )      ; Minimum


                        IN      NS      server.net1.test.

                        IN      NS      server1.net1.test.

                        IN      NS      server2.net1.test.

                        IN      NS      server3.net1.test.


10             IN      PTR     notebook.net1.test.


9                      IN      PTR     server.net1.test.

7                      IN      PTR     server.net2.test.



5)Modified at /etc/resolve.conf


domain net1.test

  search net1.test

  nameserver server.net1.test

  nameserver server1.net1.test

  nameserver server2.net1.test

  nameserver server3.net1.test


6)Modified at /etc/hosts       localhost    server.net1.test  server   server1.net1.test  server1   server2.net1.test  server2   server3.net1.test  server3    net1.test   pcscf.net1.test   icscf.net1.test   scscf.net1.test






On Sun, Jan 17, 2016 at 5:33 PM, Franz Edler <franz.edler at technikum-wien.at <mailto:franz.edler at technikum-wien.at> > wrote:

Fine. This exactly was my intention.

BR Franz

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> Hi Franz!
> Thanks for sharing! Great job, end excellent materials to get started with
> students (beside my main work I also teach students in Odessa National
> Academy of Telecommunication).
> I was looking for some "light" way how to start with real deployment of
> not pure theory, and this is just the kind I wanted!
> Will try your deploy in education process this year. (will share the
results in
> the end)
> Cheers!
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