[SR-Users] Kamailio - Asterisk: Handling loss of SIP BYE and dangling channels

Benjamin Fitzgerald ben at letscorp.us
Fri Jan 8 20:56:51 CET 2016


I'm wondering what the best approach to handling a SIP dialog when one
endpoint disappears/fails to send the BYE message.

I have Kamailio as a proxy for all mobile (iPhone/Android) SIP clients.
Occasionally, the user hangs up the call but no BYE message is received.
This means that Asterisk has an open channel even though there is no
client. Kamailio also continues to receive successful registrations from
the SIP client so the endpoint is not down completely.

Is Kamailio the appropriate place to handle this situation? What do you
recommend? If not could you point me in the right direction? RTP timeout?
Asterisk? The SIP client itself?

Thanks for your help.

Benjamin Fitzgerald
LETS Corporation
(925) 235-1154
ben at letscorp.us
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