[SR-Users] Presence - Subscription based NOTIFY to enable MWI

Arsen Hovhanissian arsenx at me.com
Sun Jan 3 00:55:19 CET 2016

Hi everyone, I’m trying to send a NOTIFY event using “sipsak” to enable the MWI
I read up a lot of documentation and didn’t really find the information needed to accomplish this.

So I have:
Phone 1 -> P1
Server 1 -> S1 (Kamailio 4.3.4)
Server 2 -> S2 (sipsak)

P1 registers to S1 and creates a new entry in the active watchers table with a "message-summary” event.
At this point I am assuming that any request I would send will be out of dialog.

Now the question is, How could I reply to that SUBSCRIPTION with a NOTIFY?

Thanks in advance!

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