[SR-Users] want to go mobile, common issues ?

Sébastien Brice sebastien.brice at jvs.fr
Sat Feb 27 00:34:25 CET 2016

Hi everyone.
I have enjoyed talk about realtime of last FOSDEM, talk about K. was good.
I want to know how do you solve sip dialogs with mobile? actually I know REGISTER is important to authenticate and this request generally last 1hour until then you have to register again.
How to solve that for mobile telephony (and what about idle) ? do cellular phone use this schema ? you have to go UDP ? does TCP comes better to handle mobile telephony?

I want to ask about IMS as well :-)

I heard many good things about Image Multimedia Systems, but in concrete terms what is it?
Does IMS target mobile only ? i heard about Boghe, it has many more parameters regarding DNS SRV and extra options. What's so different from my traditionnal Linphone ?

thx you

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