[SR-Users] catching lost websocket ua

Juha Heinanen jh at tutpro.com
Tue Feb 23 20:49:43 CET 2016

Daniel-Constantin Mierla writes:

> > why can't kamailio behave the same way no matter if pure tcp connection
> > or one using websocket protocol over tcp connection fails?

> wobsocket management and communication is done in the websocket module,
> which probably does different type of processing. Making it like the
> pure tcp would be probably good.

yes, since it would simplify the script.  branch failure route should be
executed in all failures (also internal ones).  i'll file a bug report
on it.

> The tcp connection id is anyhow associated with the
> registration/location record, usrloc module can cleanup them if the
> connection is no longer active. Also, there is now an event route
> executed when the tcp connection is closed, so it should happen for the
> websocket connections as well.

i know about those, but connection is closed also after normal
un-registration, in which case there would be no need to do anything at
connection close.  also, i need to be able to destroy the possible media
proxy session and need branch flags and via for that.

-- juha

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