[SR-Users] sip_trace vs uac_reg

James Cloos cloos at jhcloos.com
Sat Feb 20 22:24:26 CET 2016

I've started adding sip_trace to my kamailios, and mostly have it
working, but cannot figure out how to capture the outgoing calls
from uac_reg.

I had to add:

  reply_route {

  onsend_route {

to capture those packets.  What *_route {} does uac_reg target for its
outgoing packets?

I read uac_reg.[ch], and see that it uses the t_request method from
tm's struct tm_binds.  And that the methods are defined via a call
to load_tm_api(), and that t_request defaults to the request() function
in tm/uac.c.

But I don't see from that which route chunk it uses.

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