[SR-Users] DNSSRV to resolve to multiple Kamailio servers

Derek Bolichowski derek at empire-team.com
Sat Feb 20 04:08:00 CET 2016

I'm trying to create a DNSSRV record that resolves to multiple Kamailio servers for my clients to authenticate against.  Before using Kamailio, we had a DNSSRV record setup that resolved to our multiple Asterisk servers via their WAN Address.

I've tried to do the same with Kamailio, but not having much luck.

The DNSSRV record is setup as follows, as you can see from the output of a `dig` query:

;_sip._udp.kam.some-domain.com.   IN      SRV

_sip._udp.kam.some-domain.com. 14399 IN   SRV     20 100 5060 kam1.some-domain.com.
_sip._udp.kam.some-domain.com. 14399 IN   SRV     10 100 5060 kam2.some-domain.com.

I am not able to register any devices to this SRV record.  However I /CAN/ register directly to kam1.some-domain.com and kam2.some-domain.com

Registration attempts to the DNSSRV Record (kam.some-domain.com) do not even appear in /var/log/messages.

We have the domain name for kam (SRV Record), kam1 and kam2 setup in kamailio.domain and kamailio.dispatcher.

What am I missing here?  Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Derek Bolichowski
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