[SR-Users] ACC Module

Alberto Sagredo alberto.sagredo at avanzada7.com
Fri Feb 19 09:47:38 CET 2016

Looking into code is related to this previously error

ERROR: acc [acc_cdr.c:852]: init_cdr_generation(): can't load dialog API

2016-02-19 9:28 GMT+01:00 Alberto Sagredo <alberto.sagredo at avanzada7.com>:

> I have a strange behaviour when configuring ACC module to put CDRs
> It must be as simple as this:
> modparam("acc", "cdr_enable", 1)
> But got this error:
> feb 19 09:26:14 kamailio /usr/local/sbin/kamailio[23712]: ERROR: acc
> [acc_mod.c:604]: mod_init(): failed to init cdr generation
> feb 19 09:26:14 kamailio /usr/local/sbin/kamailio[23712]: ERROR: <core>
> [sr_module.c:962]: init_mod(): Error while initializing module acc
> (/usr/local/lib64/kamailio/modules/acc.so)
> I have read documentation and seems ok. Tables in databases are created
> and ALTER commands applied. IM getting actually ACC registers on acc table,
> but could not active cdrs for acc.
> What am i missing?
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