[SR-Users] how to drop 200ok and survive?

Uri Shacked ushacked at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 20:35:13 CET 2016


for some strange reason, ask my regulator.... i need to manipulate certain
the scenario goes like this:

1. caller sends invite to kamailio.
2. kamailio transfer the call to asterisk.
3. asterisk send progress and play "hello".
4. asterisk creates a new call (dial) to the same kamailio with destination
5. the callee answers the call.

here, i need to block the 200ok. so that the caller does not receive it.

i managed to block it with t_suspend().
but, there is no bidirectional media.
the 183 progress was sent with sendreceive.
it seems the asterisk is waiting for the ACK in order to open both ways for

i tried to use uac_send_req() but it is being sent with no to tag. and when
i try manipulating the uac_req(turi) it does not help because it takes all
the string i entered and wraps it with <>.

any ideas?

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