[SR-Users] kamailio in a multi-site configuration

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 09:23:49 CET 2016


there are many topologies you can deploy in such case.

If you want full independence of the head-office when they get
disconnected from internet (so they can call in between them), then a
clone system can be installed there (whatever you have
kamailio+asterisk+mysql). Maybe makes sense to replicate the subscriber
records, but I typically don't replicate dynamic data (e.g., location
records), but I do kind of peering approach: if target user is not found
registered on local kamailio, I forward to the other kamailio server,
which can send 404 if not found there as well.


On 16/02/16 12:18, Sébastien Brice wrote:
> Hi everyone i am installing Kamailio to scale asterisk on a remote hosted server in a way to manage calls dialogs in a real-time fashion. (and to manage many customers)
> Several users (maybe 80) are working at the head-office and i want them  register their hardphone on the remote Kamailio Ipbx, to free them of ours end-of-life PABX (alcatel-Lucent).
> Can kamailio help me to achieve that ?
> What kind of software have I to install locally (mysql to replicate the master mysql db? a replicated asterisk instance?) ? Taking into consideration disaster recovery plan What could be my options to maintain internal call if my internet provider get down by exemple.
> thx you for your idea.
> Sébastien BRICE VoIP, Support et Intégration
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