[SR-Users] db_cluster.so module and kamctlrc DBHOST= field

Derek Bolichowski derek at empire-team.com
Mon Feb 15 22:32:41 CET 2016

Hi there,

New user to Kamailio here. We currently have it up and running in a virtualized environment with 1 Kamailio sever, 1 Asterisk server and 1 MySQL server.

I'm currently writing install scripts to make deploying new nodes/servers easy and to keep settings the same across the board.  I've chosed to load the db_cluster.so module in kamailio.cfg, as we will have 2x MySQL servers in master-master replication which will contain the 'kamailio' and 'asterisk' tables.

I've just hit a stumbling block - in `kamctlrc`, there is a field called `DBHOST=`.  How can I reference my cluster here?

In kamailio.cfg, I simply define DBURL as "cluster//<clustername>".  What is the syntax for 'DBHOST=' in 'kamctlrc'?  Can I reference the cluster? Can I have 2 separate DBHOST= lines?

Looking for some guidance on this one.

Derek B.

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