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Phil Lavin phil.lavin at synety.com
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To follow up on this, using a common domain across all watchers and UAs has resolved the issue - thanks for the hint. I'm now looking to implement TLS support on ports 5061 and 443.
When a Polycom phone is using TCP on port 443 (no TLS yet), the from header in a call is sip:441164969987 at register.staging.ourdomain.com:443
Specifically, the URI has the port on the end. This is causing the below-mentioned presentity issues - calls are going into the dialog table with a port in the from_uri field and PUA is thus failing to match it against a subscription. It's undesirable for us to know the port a phone is using in order to subscribe to its notifications.
Is this a PUA issue? Should PUA disregard the port from the URI when it does its matching? If so, happy to look at submitting a patch for this. If not, what is the suggested solution?

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the domain part of the uri matters in matching the sip addresses.

You should use a common hostname instead of IP addresses in such case, if you want to have same presentity.

Even if you do it in kamailio somehow for many IPs, the watchers won't consider those to which they haven't subscribed, as pres uri are also parts of different xml documents, not only inside sip headers.

On 19/01/16 19:17, Phil Lavin wrote:
Hi all,

A different BLF query to my other one so creating another thread.

We've tried to have a BLF client SUBSCRIBE using a secondary IP on Kamailio. It is not sent a NOTIFY, but a client which has done a SUBSCRIBE using the primary IP is. If we route the problematic client such that it connects to the primary IP, it too is sent a NOTIFY.

Looking at the query that is done on the database when a call is made to 441164969988 it is as follows:

select `callid`,`to_tag`,`from_tag` from `active_watchers` where `presentity_uri`='sip:441164969988 at' AND `event`='dialog'

Where is the primary IP. In reality, it should be doing an additional query for anything considered `myself`. i.e.

select `callid`,`to_tag`,`from_tag` from `active_watchers` where `presentity_uri`='sip:441164969988 at' AND `event`='dialog'

I've been scouring the docs for a way to add additional IPs and/or domains for the purpose of querying active_watchers but I can't see anything relevant.

What's the process here?




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