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for changing the user-agent header you can use:

append_hf("User-Agent: abc\r\n");


On 02/02/16 11:20, Steven Maddox wrote:
> Hi,
> I've brought up this topic up before (here and on IRC) and I feel like
> I'm getting closer but still a bit stuck.  Since it takes a while to
> explain the idea (and get past any confusion!) I've summarized it in a
> diagram for easier understanding.
> At work my employers have decided to use this god awful hosted PBX
> which is picky about which phones can register and checks their user
> agent, the hosted PBX is marked on the diagram as the purple blob.
> The progress I've made since last time is getting Kamailio 4.2.4 on
> that little white device, the *only* purpose of that device is to
> change the user agent - nothing more... since it has lots of ports it
> could have lots of "Unapproved" phones directly connected to it.
> Someone gave me a link to this as a starting point...
> https://blog.voipxswitch.com/2015/03/27/kamailio-basic-sip-proxy-all-requests-setup/
> However I'm not sure what portions of the default kamailio.cfg should
> be kept to use this, additionally it doesn't include anything about
> changing user agents.
> The normal configuration of an "Approved" phone is *like*...
> username="441234111999"
> password="rAnD0Mp4s5"
> auth_user="jsmith"
> domain="company.co.uk"
> registrar/proxy="uk.ic.56hnt.hlpcom.co.uk"
> In terms of the configuration of an "Unapproved" phone I can either...
> 1) Put in exactly the same as above (as though it isn't intending to
> contact Kamailio)... but since the phone is directly connected to the
> Kamailio device - perhaps Kamailio could watch SIP traffic coming in
> on eth1 (even if it isn't addressed to it), alter the user agent and
> pass it out through eth0 ?  I'm not sure even Kamailio is capable of
> this - but it'd be cool if possible.
> 2) Put in exactly the same as above however just change the
> registrar/proxy to be the IP of the Kamailio device... Kamailio can
> then keep all other configuration the same as it passes it through -
> just change the user agent.
> Any thoughts?
> n.b.
> 1) Yes changing the user agent definitely does allow you connect, it's
> not just a guess - tested it with Asterisk.
> 2) No I don't think the hosted PBX supports path extensions - I'd
> rather not rely on it supporting undocumented stuff anyway.
> -- 
> Steven Maddox
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