[SR-Users] SIP register - memory size

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 10:53:22 CET 2016


On 28/01/16 17:01, José Seabra wrote:
> Hello there,
> Can anyone tell me what is the exactly memory size that kamailio  use
> for one sip register saved on memory?
> How much memory i need  allocate to kamailio in order to support
> 50.000 subscribers.
this depends a lot on your environment as well as devices that are used,
because size of username, domain, contact, path header, call id, etc.
have direct impact in the size of the record.

The best way to estimate is to register 1000 phones, get the size of
used shared memory. The register 2000 phones and then get again the size
of used shared memory. Make the difference and divide by 1000, then you
should get a fair estimation of a location record. Of course, assuming
no other traffic is done through the server that could cause use of
shared memory.


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