[SR-Users] new URI [] shorter than old URI - error

Nelson Migliaro eng.migliaro at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 15:22:49 CET 2016


My SIP vendor request me to replace the from in order to authenticate calls.

I use:

uac_replace_from("111111111", "sip:111111111 at vendor-domain.com");

And when finishing calls I have this error:

ERROR: uac [replace.c:607]: restore_uri(): new URI [] shorter than old URI
[sip:34912345678 at vendor-public-ip]

34912345678 -> original CLI
111111111 -> my vendor contract
vendor-domain.com -> domain of the vendor

I use the function uac_replace_from in the request_route

My Kamailio version is: 4.2.8-1.1

Thank you

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