[SR-Users] Rewrite From domain

Gonzalo Gasca Meza gascagonzalo at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 12:05:29 CET 2016

Hi all,

I'm using Kamailio to forward calls between 2 Service Providers and I need
to rewrite the From header "domain" URI.


From: "+18888888888" <sip:+18888888888 at sip.sp1.com> to

From: "+18888888888" <sip:+18888888888@*sip.sp2.com <http://sip.sp2.com>*>

*Call flow:*

Phone A --- > SP1 ---> sip ----> (kamailio) SP2 --(LOCATION)-> Phone B

When Phone A calls SP2 PhoneB, it contains original sip domain from sp1. (
sip.sp1.com) hence user in SP2 can see call comes from SP1. I would like to
rewrite the From domain field in this conditions:

a) Calls comes from "sip.sp1.com" AND

b) Call is being routed to PhoneB.

Right now Im using the following code to find user and send call to B.


        # search in DB-based aliases

        xlog("L_INFO","alias_db_lookup: Call received. $rU\n");

        if(alias_db_lookup("dbaliases")) {




I found this in documentation:

$fd - From URI domain

if($hdr(From)=~"sip.sp1\.com") {

But not sure where is the best place to overwrite the From URI domain

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