[SR-Users] Tsilo iOS Push Notifications with Kamailio/Asterisk Integration

Benjamin Fitzgerald ben at letscorp.us
Wed Dec 7 02:32:45 CET 2016

Hello, my goal is to address iOS 10's removal of periodic TCP connections
in iOS apps with their replacement PushKit, a push-based alternative all
VoIP apps should implement.

In order to have iOS apps receive SIP calls in the background, I believe I
need to use tsilo to suspend the INVITE transaction send a push
notification to the device. I have been following the presentation here (
however I am not sure how to integrate it with Asterisk (

My questions can be summarized below:

(1) What changes need to be made from Federico's presentation to use with
the Kamailio/Asterisk integration?

(2) How can I modify the config to send push notifications for EVERY
invite? This is to address the scenario where a device goes offline before
the SIP registration expires and a call is received within that window. iOS
is very aggressive about killing background applications so it's likely as
soon as user leaves the VoIP app, the device will become unreachable.

Thanks for any help.

Benjamin Fitzgerald
LETS Corporation
(925) 235-1154
ben at letscorp.us
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