[SR-Users] INFO: kcore internal lib removed

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 14:37:00 CET 2016


mainly for those having private modules or other components for
kamailio, take note that the internal library kcore has been removed. It
was supposed to be a termporary place where to keep some kamailio
specific functions at the time of merging with ser code back in 2008.

The main code was related to internal statistics, which was
re-implemented as fast counters several years ago, in libkcore being
only some wrappers. You have to include now directly the counters.h from
core. There were several files with some str operations helpers, not
they are exported via strutils.h from core. The sst parser was used only
by sst module and moved to it, same being done with some stats helper
functions used only by snmpstats module.


Daniel-Constantin Mierla
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