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amar Smart Telecom amar at smarttel.com.np
Sun Dec 4 10:30:04 CET 2016

Hi Mikko,

We need to understand the structure of the payload bytes in the RTP packet, so we have few queries regarding the same:
1. In the RTP message, what is the length of the Payload 14 bytes or 15 bytes?
2. Does the ToC need to be present in all payload packets? 
3. Is it possible that some of the RTP packets are sent without the ToC, in other words length of paylod is only 14 bytes?



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amar Smart Telecom <amar at smarttel.com.np> wrote:

> We are seeing that some RTP Payload are with 14 bytes and some are 
> with 15 bytes.
> 1.       14 byte is correct or 15 byte is correct?
> 2.       Is TOC present in all payloads i.e. in all RTP messages?
> Following example with 14 byte payload.

> The query is regarding, while using "Payload type: DynamicRTP-Type-111 
> (111)"


Please explain how this relates to Kamailio, hopefully after that there is less guesswork for potential advice.

Best regards

Mikko Lehto

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