[SR-Users] [E] 604 Does not exist anywhere - HSS User Unknown

Devlaeminck, Ruth Elizabeth Ruth.Devlaeminck at VerizonWireless.com
Thu Aug 18 00:00:26 CEST 2016

I was having this issue when I used the Zoiper soft phone to set up a contact (aka who I was supposed to call).  I eventually did a work around by making sure that my contact was associated with a Zoiper account.  I think that allowed more information to be available for the contact I was trying to reach.  Not sure that’s the best solution but it seems to have worked.


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Subject: [E] [SR-Users] 604 Does not exist anywhere - HSS User Unknown


After I am registred on Kamailio a try to make a call (INVITE), and S-CSCF returns the messege:

604 Does not exist anywhere - HSS User Unknown

What I am doing wrong?

Is the contact entry (Alice) wrong?

How should the contact entry on the list?

sip:alice at mydomain.com<mailto:sip%3Aalice at mydomain.com>

Best Regards.,
Rodrigo M.
(37) 9132-4539
(34) 9889-3069

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