[SR-Users] Multi-Array with AVPs

Jonathan Hunter hunterj91 at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 23 19:00:01 CEST 2015

Hi Guys,
Hope all are well?
sorry to post but Im just trying to get something working where Im trying to convert a php function script into the kamailio.cfg.
Im getting there but wonder how I can group results of sets of avps with another avp.
Say I have these variables;
$(avp(NTgrp)) = 'SB100_000361 at|SB100_000213 at|SB100_000225 at|SB100_000361 at|SB100_000213 at';$(avp(Prio)) = '1|1|1|2|2';$(avp(Wgt)) = '10000|10000|80000|30000|70000';$(avp(CInc)) = '0|0|1|0|1';$(avp(WTot))= '100000|100000|100000|100000|100000'; I then run a while script to split up their variables via the delimiter | in user;
$var(j)=0;while($var(j)<$var(count)) {$(avp(NTgrpP))=$(avp(NTgrp){s.select,$var(j),|});$(avp(PrioP))=$(avp(Prio){s.select,$var(j),|});$(avp(WgtP))=$(avp(Wgt){s.select,$var(j),|});$(avp(CIncP))=$(avp(CInc){s.select,$var(j),|});$(avp(WTotP))=$(avp(WTot){s.select,$var(j),|});xlog("L_INFO"," Now Each time we have $(avp(NTgrpP)) $(avp(PrioP)) $(avp(WgtP)) $(avp(CIncP)) $(avp(WTotP))\n");$var(j)=$var(j)+1;}
This then results in;INFO: <script>:  Now Each time we have SB100_000223 at 1 10000 0 100000INFO: <script>:  Now Each time we have SB100_000225 at 1 10000 0 100000INFO: <script>:  Now Each time we have SB100_000386 at 1 80000 0 100000INFO: <script>:  Now Each time we have SB100_000213 at 2 30000 0 100000INFO: <script>:  Now Each time we have SB100_000361 at 2 70000 0 100000
Now what Id like to do is group them via priorities so I can do some further functional checks on them when in same priority group, as you can see there are 3 results at priority 1 and 2 at priority 2.
Is there away I can create something of a multi-array using the AVP $(avp(PrioP)) I just created so I can group by priority?
As in php I would do something like;
$multi_arr[$prio_arr[$p]][] = array(      "ntgrp" => $ntgrp_arr[$p],      "prio"  => $prio_arr[$p],      "wght"  => $wght_arr[$p],      "cinc"  => $cinc_arr[$p],      "wtot"  => $wtot_arr[$p],    );  }
Any help would be great.
Many thanks
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