[SR-Users] 100% CPU usage after NTP date update

Stefan Kohlhauser stefan.lists at gmx.net
Thu Oct 22 10:45:45 CEST 2015

Hello everyone!

I am currently using a Kamailio 4.2.3 on an embedded device (low CPU and RAM). The device is not able to store the current date, so after a reboot its 1. Jan 1970 until NTP updates the date.

If the date is updated after the Kamailio has started (a leap of 45 years) the Kamailio uses up all the CPU and renders the device useless for a very long time.

There are no incomming requests at the time. (But the Kamailio is not responsive during that time anyway.)
Adjusting the internal Kamailio-time seems to take longer when the date update leap is bigger.

My questions:
1) Can I prevent the Kamailio from using up the entire CPU after a date update? Or maybe do the internal ticks-update more gracefully?
2) For my better understanding: What happens within the Kamailio after adjust_ticks has updated the internal date?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Best regards,

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