[SR-Users] Sending ReINVITE from Kamailio

Grant Bagdasarian gb at cm.nl
Wed Oct 21 10:17:43 CEST 2015

Thanks for the input.

I'll try the Session Timers and the ka_timer param from the dialog module.

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> On 21 Oct 2015, at 09:27, ycaner <yasin.caner at netgsm.com.tr> wrote:
> Hello;
> I think Dialog module can do it with ka_timer. take a look please.
> in addition , if you want to know call is still up , check the RTP session.
> if there isn't Rtp  session , so call is  hung up. Asterisk can listen 
> rtp packet and then in silence it can close session.
> have a look "rtptimeout" parameter
This doesn’t always apply either - if the call is on hold there’s no RTP but it should not be hung up. Asterisk handles this, but for other proxys it’s hard to know the state of the media session.

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