[SR-Users] RtpProxy socket timeout not working

Arun Kumar mi2arun at gmail.com
Sat Oct 17 20:57:32 CEST 2015


Rtp Session timeout notification is not working , we tried with kamailio
4.2 with rtpproxy 2.0 / 1.3 beta/1.2 releases , i think kamailio rtpproxy
is not submitting session timeout socket to rtpproxy

 kamailio 4.2.0

modparam("rtpproxy", "rtpproxy_sock", "udp:")
modparam("rtpproxy", "timeout_socket", "xmlrpc:")


RTPProxy 2.0
RTPProxy 1.3 Beta with patch given by *Daniel*
RTPProxy 1.2

rtpproxy   -F   -s udp: -d DBUG -f -i -T 10

RTPRoxy Log
DBUG:get_command: received command "4242_9 Uc0,8,101 2479e562440c023d 6074 5410ef73;1"
INFO:handle_command: new session 2479e562440c023d, tag 5410ef73;1
requested, type strong
INFO:handle_command: new session on a port 45984 created, tag 5410ef73;1
INFO:handle_command: pre-filling caller's address with
DBUG:doreply: sending reply "4242_9 45984
DBUG:get_command: received command "4242_10 Lc0,101 2479e562440c023d 4002 5410ef73;1 ADqH-A-mLLN0th2gGoopYMK1cy.-ozDf;1"
INFO:handle_command: lookup on ports 45984/36756, session timer restarted
INFO:handle_command: pre-filling callee's address with
DBUG:doreply: sending reply "4242_10 36756
INFO:rxmit_packets: callee's address latched in: (RTP)
INFO:rxmit_packets: callee's address latched in: (RTCP)
INFO:rxmit_packets: caller's address latched in: (RTCP)
INFO:rxmit_packets: caller's address latched in: (RTP)
INFO:process_rtp: session timeout
INFO:remove_session: RTP stats: 328 in from callee, 5 in from caller, 333
relayed, 0 dropped
INFO:remove_session: RTCP stats: 3 in from callee, 4 in from caller, 7
relayed, 0 dropped
INFO:remove_session: session on ports 45984/36756 is cleaned up

Kamailio RTP log
 3(4242) DEBUG: rtpproxy [rtpproxy_funcs.c:148]: check_content_type(): type
<application/sdp> found valid
 3(4242) DEBUG: rtpproxy [rtpproxy.c:2704]: force_rtp_proxy(): proxy reply:

for more log please see attachment
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