[SR-Users] Familiar topic about Kamailio with Asterisk behind NAT

Dirk Teurlings - SIGNET B.V. dteurlings at signet.nl
Thu Oct 8 15:03:54 CEST 2015

On 30-09-15 13:29, Fred Posner wrote:
> Without a version of rtpproxy using the -A flag, you'll need to either
> (1) update to a different version of rtpproxy or (2) skip rtpproxy and
> have your asterisk handle all the rtp.

I tried rtpproxy v2, with the -A flag in bridge mode ( -A 
privateip/publicip ). This doesn't reflect anything in the SIP headers.

The problem is a bit more complex I think, because all INVITEs to 
gateways contain the same internal IPs from Asterisk and Kamaialio in 
their From and To header. SDP information is correctly being displayed. 
But it seems that some UAs disregard what's in the SDP descriptors and 
just look at the SIP headers (To/From/Contact).

Can anyone share their config snippets about how they've delt with the 
Asterisk behind NAT situation? It would really be appreciated!


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