[SR-Users] TM not ending transactions

Daniel Tryba d.tryba at pocos.nl
Wed Oct 7 18:07:19 CEST 2015

On Wednesday 07 October 2015 11:55:34 Alex Balashov wrote:
> >   Accounting logged a BYE for all these calls.
> Was the BYE statefully processed?

All I can say, based on acc,  is it was processed.

But maybe not according to this logs:
ERROR: tm [t_fwd.c:755]: add_uac(): ERROR: add_uac: maximum number of branches 
ERROR: tm [t_fwd.c:1711]: t_forward_nonack(): ERROR: t_forward_nonack: failure 
to add branches
ERROR: tm [tm.c:1466]: _w_t_relay_to(): ERROR: w_t_relay_to: t_relay_to failed
ERROR: sl [sl_funcs.c:363]: sl_reply_error(): ERROR: sl_reply_error used: 
Forking capacity exceeded (12/SL)

uac_replace_from/to is being used, this config always worked fine with 
pre-4.3.0 releases.

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