[SR-Users] pv_printf buffer for spec value

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 15:41:38 CEST 2015


On 06/10/15 11:20, Sven Neuhaus wrote:
> Hi,
> Am 05.10.2015 um 18:46 schrieb Daniel-Constantin Mierla:
>> that might not be related to the core pv buffers, some variables are
>> using their own buffers. You need to identify the variable that throws
>> that error.
>> As a side note, the last version should have the default core pv buffer
>> size set to 8kB, maybe the wiki docs were not updated.
> so is it safe to just increase the value to, say, 16kb? I still don't
> really know the cause, however.
Thank will work for most of variables (afaik), but again, not for all,
because there are still some using their own local buffer for storing
the value. If you don't expect any large value and you increased the
core pv buffer size, then it is one of those extra variables which needs
to be identified and updated to use the core buffers.


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