[SR-Users] rtpproxy does not response, disable it

smititelu stefan.mititelu at 1and1.ro
Tue Dec 22 11:08:37 CET 2015

> I’ve already set modparam("rtpengine", "force_send_interface", 
> “”) in my kamailio.cfg from the very beginning.
Can you try force ping from kamailio machine (.80) to rtpengine machine 
(.90), on interface? (it should work)

> There is nothing prompt out on command “kamctl fifo nh_show_rtpp all”
If there is nothing shown it means that kamailio sees no rtpengine 
nodes. What kamailio/rtpengine version are you using? (are they both 
latest upstream?!). The sock line should be fine: modparam("rtpengine", 
"rtpengine_sock", "udp:")

Can you increase the log level(debug=3) and send some debug info on 
what's happening right after you restart kamailio?(for rtpengine module)

> There is nothing captured on "ngerp -W byline -d em1 port 5095” on 
> Kamilio machine.
Wehn eventually you see something for the show ctl command, you should 
try capturing for dst port 7723, on kamailio machine, to see the 
commands sent to rtpengine.

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