[SR-Users] Issue with end to end MESSAGE over TCP

Thierry Luo langsir at yeah.net
Tue Dec 22 03:48:11 CET 2015

Anybody give some hints on this?




Thierry Luo


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Hi All,


I have deployed a Kamailio proxy server (as IMS pCSCF) in Amazon EC2. UA
registration over TCP and presence flow (PUBLISH/NOTIFY) are all fine. But
MESSAGE from one UA to another is UA over TCP is always not successful. I
captured the sip flow from the server, and found that at the final hop from
Proxy to terminating UA, the Kamailio server send the MESSAGE over udp,
regardless of the fact that UAs were registered over TCP. 


What is the problem maybe? Attached is the cfg file.




Thierry Luo

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