[SR-Users] rtpengine module rtpengine_disable_tout question

Juha Heinanen jh at tutpro.com
Sat Dec 19 13:47:59 CET 2015

Mititelu Stefan writes:

> does this mean that after 60 seconds is passed, rtpengine module will
> > again try to use that RTP proxy, i.e., the RTP proxy does never become
> > permanently disabled unless disabled by nh_enable_rtpp mi command?
> >
> > After the timer expiration, the node is retried _before sending a command_
> to it (if it's "lucky" to be selected from the set). There is no separate
> process to do a constant recheck.

ok.  it might be useful to have a script function corresponding to
nh_enable_rtpp which could be called from an rtimer route.

-- juha

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