[SR-Users] how to send BYE to outbound leg in kamailio?

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Mon Dec 14 13:11:30 CET 2015


is this something you have done in the C file? If yes, we may be able to
help if you provide the patch.

If you tried something else, describe what you did and we will see if
there are hints that we can provide.


On 11/12/15 10:27, Dileep Nunna wrote:
> Hi,
> After credit limit reached(ims_charging), tried to send BYE to both
> legs in kamailo (modules/dialog_ng/dlg_req_within.c).Bye sent to
> caller, but when sending bye to callee it is failing.(it is
> considering record-routes from caller invite, not in 200 OK from
> callee).Is there any changes necessary? Can you please reply.
> Thanks,
> Dileep
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