[SR-Users] having a count of lost response for dialog keep alives

Jayesh Nambiar jayesh1017 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 08:25:13 CET 2015

I'm using dlg_set_property(ka-src) and dlg_set_property(ka-dst) to keep
alive my clients. In case of a network change the client does a Re-Invite
with the new contact address and kamailio does keep-alives to the new
address properly as the fix reported here:

The problem happens when the Re-Invite transaction on the client side is
not complete and kamailio happens to send an OPTIONS keep-alive at that
same time, the client fails to send back a 200 OK, because the client
itself is trying to gain access on the new network.
So as a work-around I thought would it be possible to end the dialog on
missing at least 3 responses and not killing the dialog if one response is
missed. Can it be a configurable parameter in the dialog module or
something on those lines. Just a suggestion !!


- Jayesh
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