[SR-Users] SIP INVITE and To Header

Andres andres at telesip.net
Thu Apr 30 13:31:31 CEST 2015

I have a general question maybe somebody can help me out with.  We have 
a new SIP Trunk setup with a provider.  The SIP Trunk has a username of 
'jane' and it handles 400 DIDs.  When the incoming INVITE from the 
provider comes in, the URI in the Invite is the username of the trunk 
while the To header actually has the dialed number.  As long as I can 
remember I have always seen the Invite as having the same URI as the To 
Header in the initial INVITE but not so here.

18:17:34.786 SIP.STACK MSG         INVITE 
sip:jane at;transport=UDP SIP/2.0
18:17:34.787 SIP.STACK MSG         Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK290hka10e8j11dn7k0k0.1
18:17:34.788 SIP.STACK MSG         From: "Test 
"<sip:9541112222 at voip.xxx.net;user=phone>;tag=1574552918-1430345854933-
18:17:34.788 SIP.STACK MSG         To: 
"Customer"<sip:2222222222 at voip.xxx.net>

I am inclined to believe this is perfectly normal and compliant but let 
me know what you think.


Technical Support

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