[SR-Users] Kamamilio with PjSIP on Asterisk

Scott Pabin tuxd00d at tuxd00d.com
Tue Apr 28 03:46:07 CEST 2015

Fellow Masters of the Universe,

I'm familiar with using Kamailio to handle many tasks, such as SIP
registration for Asterisk.  However, that has all been using Asterisk's SIP
protocol.  I'm setting up a new project and I'd like to base it on PjSIP in
Asterisk.  What has been your experience and what specific tasks can I
offload to Kamailio in this scenario?  Are there any limitations with using
PjSIP that were not an issue with SIP?

What do I want it to do?  For now, the typical, registrations and load
balancing.  Initially, two Kamailio sending traffic to two Asterisk, all
sharing a common MySQL cluster.  I also have a fair amount of traffic that
may not require any Asterisk involvement, such as connecting calls from my
carriers to my clients or client to client calls.

Thanks for your thoughts guys.
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