[SR-Users] Kamailio + Mediaproxy - How to set up

Filip Malenka filip.malenka at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 14:48:24 CEST 2015

Yes I did, I am loading the mediaproxy.so module now instead of rtpproxy.so, I am setting the modparam sock for rtpengine to the locally running instance of rtpengine.. and in the "general routing logic" of kamailio.cfg I am calling rtpengine_manage(), where there was rtpproxy_manage() before.
Does rtpengine manage ICE without any flags in rtpengine_manage()? Or shall there be any flags to have it running?
When I set no flags, RTP packets get all proxied over the server with no media release.. The only flag that worked like I need is rtpengine_manage("ICE=force-relay"), but this is not working for 100% of all call attempts with sometimes no audio/video on both ends.. Mainly the Android Linphone client doesn't do a very good job regarding ICE I guess..
On 16.04.2015 14:29, Daniel Tryba wrote:
> On Thursday 16 April 2015 14:08:56 Filip Malenka wrote:
> > thanks for your answer. I just switched from rtpproxy to rtpengine, like
> > you mentioned. It works the usual way (RTP proxied over server) and to
> > me it appears exactly the same as rtpproxy, am I right? Is there any
> > major difference between them?
> Did you change to the rtpengine module? One of the differences ICE support in
> rtpengine (when not using the legacy rtpproxy interface).
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