[SR-Users] Maximum feasible size of htable?

Brooks Bridges bbridges at o1.com
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Thanks Daniel

The average item will be relatively small (10 digits for the key, and 7 to 10 digits for the value), and the quantity will be approximately 300-350 million entries.

I do not expect it to require reloading or updating very frequently.  Perhaps once or twice a month.

As far as the wait for it to load, these devices are behind a load balancer and can easily wait for the load to complete before "going live", so that's not that big of a concern.

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On 11/04/15 00:17, Brooks Bridges wrote:
I have a small-ish project that could benefit from using an htable for storage of very basic data that doesn't change much, and I'd like to get an idea of what the group's experience is with storing larger amounts of data?  Something in the 15-20GB range.

Yes I could use Redis, but the idea here is to minimize the amount of dependencies and processing required.

how many items you will have in the hash table, or in other words, how big is the average size of in item in the hash table?

Performances can be improved by adjusting the number of slots.

Another thing to consider is the loading in cache, when kamailio is starting. It can take long when it is a really huge amount of records in the backend, so if you need to restart or reload often, might not worth it. On the other hand, you can add/remove by item from hash table.



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