[SR-Users] Fritzbox issues kamailio 4.0.7 regarding stale nonce?

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 12:29:16 CEST 2015

On 07/04/15 10:36, Daniel Tryba wrote:
> Did anyone notice issues with Fritzbox 7390 devices? When upgrading from 4.0.1 
> to 4.0.7 some of these devices fail to register after some time. 
> They keep trying to reuse an old nonce and ignore the new one in the 401 
> response to the REGISTER. It will try 11 times to register with the same cseq, 
> nonce and nc, then it will try to register (11 times) with cseq+1, nc+1 and 
> still the old nonce. So www_auth fails with -4: stale nonce. I could find 
> anything in kamailio auth module to accept this behavior.
Did this happen only after upgrading to kamailio 4.0.7? I don't remember
any recent changes in dealing with stale nonce, therefore should be same
code for 4.0.1 and 4.0.7. Do you have enabled one time nonce feature?


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