[SR-Users] flag f in search_hf() is not working for me

schwatzi at web.de schwatzi at web.de
Tue Apr 7 12:22:38 CEST 2015


I think there is a bug in function search_hf_f() in textops.c

Here is what I do

       if ( method == SUBSCRIBE ) {
                 if ( !search_hf("Event", "call-completion", "f") ) {
                         sl_send_reply("489","Bad Event");

But here is a SUBSCRIBE that do pass the proxy.

SUBSCRIBE sip:101 at SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bKPj.O5IXVtDsImPNfCGnDkvj91INsEfvZsm
Max-Forwards: 70
From: <sip:101 at>;tag=8-cXkrmwx5WGSIAYgYaXW0oTTsEAEM1S
To: <sip:101 at>
Contact: <sip:101 at;ob>
Call-ID: O12dPIx7Wiih2b.o36UFmMdXr6RE-8Jl
Route: <sip:;transport=udp;lr>
Event: message-summary
Expires: 3600
Supported: replaces, 100rel, timer, norefersub
Accept: application/simple-message-summary
Allow-Events: presence, message-summary, refer
User-Agent: CSipSimple_mako-21/r2457
Content-Length:  0

As you can see the Event header doesn't contain "call-completition".

Looking at function search_hf_f() i saw that if nothing  is found value 
-1 will be returned. if there is the match then 1 is returned. (see line 
2779 and 2797)
But in line 2782 the function will return 1 instead of -1

index 50a6f07..a945937 100644
--- a/modules/textops/textops.c
+++ b/modules/textops/textops.c
@@ -2779,7 +2779,7 @@ static int search_hf_f(struct sip_msg* msg, char* 
str_hf, char* re, char *flags)
                                         return 1;
                         } else {
                                 if(flags!=NULL && *flags=='f')
-                                       return 1;
+                                       return -1;
                 } else {
                         hfl = hf;

I am no programmer so it's possible that I misunderstood something.


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