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you have to edit spec files and remove the other modules in the folder
matching your debian distribution inside 'pkg/kamailio/deb/'. This is
the only way I know to change the packaging content for debs. Then make
a symlink inside root folder of kamailio server named 'debian' to the
respective folder inside 'pkg/kamailio/deb/' and run 'make deb'.


On 01/04/15 13:50, jay binks wrote:
> is there any way to make deb packages for only 1 of the modules ??
> currently it takes a long time to run "make deb" 
> im simply trying to build and package db_cassandra ( need the package
> for my environment )
> As a side note, is there any chance db_cassandra could be added to the
> kamailio deb packages ?
> -- 
> Sincerely
> Jay
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