[SR-Users] R: Re: R: Re: RTPPROXY & BRANCH

Richard Fuchs rfuchs at sipwise.com
Mon Sep 29 19:14:52 CEST 2014

On 09/25/14 10:41, Marino Mileti wrote:
> No no. The video will be sent by the caller user to all the callees.  
> I'l try to explain better. My scenario is:
> - A make a call to a group... B & C are group member...so Kamailio is
> able to call them in parallel using alias..
> - B & C receive the INVITEs & replies with two separate 183 with SDP (in
> SDP they specified where they are able to receive audio&video)
> - A receives two 183...& starts to send its RTP video stream to B & C
> (early media)
> - Once B or C answers the call the other leg is cancelled..
> Everything is working fine but if B & C are behind NAT rtpproxy is
> activated  and during INVITE for B &C  rtprpoxy doesn't generate a
> couple of new ports for each of them but it uses always the same ports.
> So the only fastest client (B or C) get the video.
> I don't want to change IP between 183 & 200, i would like only that
> rtpptoxy sends INVITE for B & C with differents port.
> Is it possible to implement this scenario or there's some turnarund?

This may work with rtpengine, as it will open new ports for answers come
from different endpoints. But the final two-way association for the
actual call may still end up broken, as it has no way of knowing which
client ends up receiving the call (unless they do a final re-invite).


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